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Tastes sooooooo good! carolpjohnson
i hope i win patrickmdln
Bet we could make some great watermelon wine with these...! buzzsaw252
Thinking fire jolly ranchers are too hot probably makes me a sissy. 1froglegs
I like 'em cherry & firey Hot Love just about all but watermelon not - Oh well I can give them away! helards
Watermelon Vision Katiebear7
Makes my mouth water just looking at it msbcarver
i hope i win patrickmdln
Jolly Golly I hope I'm close!! Dreamer02
I Loves me some Jolly Ranchers ibjump
mmmmm sugar! Alejandria Najera
i hope i win patrickmdln
Colourful candy makes ranchers jolly! Phoenix
Me likey!
Jolly Good Ranchers better know how to count to 388. boxerlady21
Jolly Ranchers make jolly good snacks. Witty/corny, what's the diff? :P Jwinter81
ihope i win! stefaniex143
Jolly Rancher rocks!!