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so sweet... Naza Vyrone Verona
I hope i win
capitalism, ho! saturnist
Yep Let's Get Jolly!!!!!
I'm good at this kind of stuff
My brother sent me a link and now Im here
Watermelon jolly ranchers are delicious. Thats why I made the obviously accurate guess.
Talk about a sugar rush!
Something witty
I love jolly ranchers sophiabacorn
I'm usually way off!
Fun fun fun
I'm a horrible geezer, I mean guesser dvchy
I want SWEET right now!
Taking the average of many guesses, I should be close, under pschological law :p
i want atleast ne from this jar :-)
Wikipedia says it suggests Western Hospitality. couponmom5
i would love those jollies gorda361
Love to get my Jollies raddola
something witty jkoha
jolly good show marlie
iwish they were firesticks or any flavor BUT watermelom. Guss I'll give them away whan(not if) I win! helards
I have no teeth to eat this Jk by the time im finish with the jolly ranchers probably will have no teeth! nicki1minaj
hope to win patrickmdln