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i hope i win patrickmdln
Jolly Golly I hope I'm close!! Dreamer02
I Loves me some Jolly Ranchers ibjump
mmmmm sugar! Alejandria Najera
i hope i win patrickmdln
Colourful candy makes ranchers jolly! Phoenix
Me likey!
Jolly Good Ranchers better know how to count to 388. boxerlady21
Jolly Ranchers make jolly good snacks. Witty/corny, what's the diff? :P Jwinter81
ihope i win! stefaniex143
Jolly Rancher rocks!!
I am a jolly woman, but I won't fit in the jar! terdar
hi Suzy
Come to the dark side, we have candy. jodan3399
I guessed this carefully... or something shadspotlight
win [email protected]
Leaves you jolly. dorisdoright
your mom likes jolly ranchers
I hope I get them! It's my favorite candy and it makes me Jolly! (:
holly jolly ..... hrlfranky
Why jolly ranchers ????? seal
jolly ranchers are indeed happy cowboys snot
so sweet... Naza Vyrone Verona
I hope i win
capitalism, ho! saturnist
Yep Let's Get Jolly!!!!!
I'm good at this kind of stuff