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Something witty... vlr928
I hope I win
My son put our cat in the dryer :-) kellyhutch
I'm trying ha. so this is my answer
Love Jolly Ranchers RB4629
Something Witty!
just once, please csp112
witty hrlfranky
Jolly jar of goodness
water on my melons
I know for a fact, for my name is Jackson Tucker (27613, Raleigh, North Carolina) that there are 199 jolly ranchers in the jar!
Come to Me Watermelon!!
the only thing thats gonna be jolly is me.
jolly,jolly,jolly, it tastes like a lolly
Gotta have my watermelon, I am not a jolly fellon, I am a happy swimming fish, watermelon ranchers is all I wish, to eat, to share, to give out everywhere, to everybody, to everyone, now my wittyness is done! terdar
I'm jolly for Jolly Ranchers!
I will win
How jolly I will be if I win!
Makes my mough water & my melon tingle! shirl60
Im feeling Jolly!
My guess is pretty sweet
i love jolly ranchers sophiabacorn
Delicious. :)
mmmmmmm jolly ranchers snot
Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results. - Scott Adams Texas_Aggie
Nope BigTubby
MMMM Eat candy
ummm srwsbabydoll