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Gimme some
Ima Boss
Jolly Ranchers are great!
Hoping I'm the winner texas_twin77
Gay Farmers!
I can't be witty under pressure!
a jolly guess
just a guess
All watermelon?!
something witty
Oh dear,'tis be very jolly
Something Witty Joe_Smith
Hope I wn
um hello? ging44
I will win
i think that is it
No wit, just whim! lolo8515
I concluded that jolly 13 times a jolly 4 squared was a jolly guess for such a jolly guesser
i hope i win patrickmdln
Jolly Golly I hope I'm close!! Dreamer02
I Loves me some Jolly Ranchers ibjump
mmmmm sugar! Alejandria Najera
i hope i win patrickmdln
Colourful candy makes ranchers jolly! Phoenix
Me likey!
Jolly Good Ranchers better know how to count to 388. boxerlady21
Jolly Ranchers make jolly good snacks. Witty/corny, what's the diff? :P Jwinter81
ihope i win! stefaniex143