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mmmmmmm jolly ranchers snot
Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results. - Scott Adams Texas_Aggie
Nope BigTubby
MMMM Eat candy
ummm srwsbabydoll
My lucky number...
ho ho ho csp112
mmmmmm jolly ranchers snot
I won! Thanks~ Ronald Cone
MMMMM -- Peach imjasonc
Watermelon is my favorite mnono141
watermelon is my favorite J. R. flavor! marye302
Ranchers need something to keep them jolly, it's hard work.
i hope to win patrickmdln
i hope i win patrickmdln
Ummmmm....? malcon9369
i hope i win patrickmdln
Lets get Jolly in a Jar. salutetherat
Soo much candy and I only have 1 dentist Gary123
i hope i win patrickmdln
Have a holly, jolly Christmas...It's the best time of the year...oh my golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year! Caposhi
i hope i win patrickmdln
i hope i win patrickmdln
oh my LEAH
Yep Let's Get Jolly!!!!!
I'm good at this kind of stuff
My brother sent me a link and now Im here
Watermelon jolly ranchers are delicious. Thats why I made the obviously accurate guess.