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i hope i win patrickmdln
something witty
Hope I wn
Love the smell of watermellon
Watermelon is the best flavor!!! sproutrocksit
um hello? ging44
The blindfolded clown never yells shadspotlight
The Jolly Rancher, that is me. My guess is perfect, wait and see! Vera Sorrels
I will win
A jolly guess kboston
i think that is it
Did you know watermelon is a vegetable? Sweeper2000
I'm guessing 420, because after you "party" it up, you're going to want to eat these jolly ranchers.
the ranchers were jolly davejj
No wit, just whim! lolo8515
I concluded that jolly 13 times a jolly 4 squared was a jolly guess for such a jolly guesser
Jolly if I win and my dentist would Roger that! Lizzelle
Sitting here trying to count oh no stefana22
jollly jolly jolly gorda361
First candy to ever pull a filling out ! Goldie
in it to win it RB4629
keeps ya happy while working on the farm
Hope they're all watermelon... :) sproutrocksit
hmmmm.... i hope it is true
My fave flavor Jolly Rancher techn1
It's just candy!
Watermelony goodness! sparklkinz
I could suck on those all day long...mmm augustina033
feed me! dstred11