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Jolly Ranchers? Wasn't that "Brokeback Mountain"!!!!! Fireboy
What do you call an happy cowboy? A Jolly Rancher
roses are red violets are blue watermelons my favorite cherry is too deemarie510
Something Witty srsmallwood
So jolly for jolly ranchers fuzzy5628
something witty from the funny farm ricksteen
Jolly, jolly, jolly, by golly karsnkats
just my guess julesp29
Golly, love that Jolly... catbells32
I think I won a pair of clown shoes in another contest. Now you have to admit, that's beyond witty and downright funny. shesays
They are all watermelon? Syn Gal
I am not good at these games but my fav candy in the whole wide world thanks from the Funny Farm! terdar
Any GUESSISGOOD guessisgood
i almost choked to death on one of these as a kid SitVisVobiscum
Watermelon Ranchers wuzzy13
something witty srsmallwood
Oh watermelon, the taste of summer, and the best Jolly Rancher flavor ever! By far!! jemeredith
Now you owe me a watermelon!
The Jolly Old Man resmal1
pass the word to get the reaction they hoped for !!!! jawartman
mama's got this!!!! Christian
c'mon be jolly for me!!!
So much Jolly in this Watermelon patch! Katiebear7
One for every day of the year!....Unless it's a leap year!....Oops! shirl60
Jolly good guess! Dan88
Gary's still working on his upsidedown puzzle I'm enjoying candy Charles Magocs
ill be jolly after these sparklkinz
This is a really sweet prize! silveralpaca123
i think theres 220
280 matey!