Past Items

Jar of Kisses

January 16, 2011

So, you came home and you were having a bad day. Nothing was going right, your boss yelled at you, your car caught on fire, your favorite video game got delayed. Then there it was, a kiss and a hug waiting for you. Oh Happy Day, a kiss and a hug to brighten your day. Now for the price of a single guess you can have a big jar of hugs and kisses, assuming your guess is correct of course.
Guess Winner:  847tigger847 with 245 guesses
Actual Count Was: 246


Jar of Gum

October 18, 2010

The history of gum is a funny thing. When some of us were kids we got them from big gum ball machines, or baseball cards. I fondly remember stepping in gum when I was in high school. Now is your chance to redeem your childhood. Win this jar of gum, and if used sparingly, it can possibly last a lifetime. Or you can maybe build a gum fortress, or give one at a time to a bum.
Guess Winner:  constantly84 with 1,013 guesses
Actual Count Was: 886
Congratulations constantly84, please look for an email from us asking for your address information.