Who won the M&Ms? Not you? ME!?

Thanks to all our guessers on the Jar of M&Ms!

Congratulations skarydrunkguy for being the only person to have the most witty remarks votes (2) and having the correct guess. The total number of M&M packets in the jar was 88. Extra special thanks to the 3 runner up's who also guessed 88: huntjl, imjasonc, coalcracker! skarydrunkguy witty remark was: "$10 says I can put all of the M&Ms in the jar in my mouth at the same time. Probably couldn't chew or swallow though" skarydrunkguy, I think you are going to be oweing us $10 pretty soon, and I don't think we want to see a picture of you attempting this, however a video would be nice!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's guesses come in for the next item. GOOD LUCK!