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Hugs and Kisses for... (UPDATE 2/9/11 PHOTOS POSTED)

Our winner has posted photos and a message on their winnings. Visit them and congratulate them on the forums.

We have finished counting all of the Hugs & Kisses and we have a TIE!!!! No one guessed the exact amount, but we have two guesses that were only a single guess off. The total number of Hugs & Kisses was 246!!  The two winners both with a guess of 245, were 847tigger847 and sjsbpb. According to CYGHM's frequently asked questions section in the case of a tie the winner will be chosen based on who guessed the winning number first. CONGRATULATIONS TO 847tigger847 with a witty remark like "yum chocolate", we know this prize is going to someone who really appreciates a tasty chocolate treat.


A couple of shout outs to our runner-up and a few other people who were pretty close:

and the WINNER is... (UPDATE 1/12/11) Photos Posted!

After about an hour of counting gum we are done, and have the name of our very first Can You Guess How Much winner. Congratulations to Constantly84, with a guess of 1,013, she was the closest guess to the actual number of pieces of gum which came in at a WHOPPING 886!!!! We hope that you enjoy your prize and have fresh breathe for many weeks, months or even years to come. Don't forget to check out our next item up for guessing.


The winner was kind enough to post her with her winnings on the forum! Read more here!

New Features, Improvements

Hey Everyone, 
We have worked really hard to clean up the site and improve on it. We have added the following features:
* Zoom over the image, to see a larger view
* Improve login and registration handling, less confusing now.
* Various other tweaks.
As always please let us know your comments and feedback on the forums.
Please everyone LIKE us on Facebook, and Digg us.

Still Guess How Much! Deadline is Sunday Jan 16th 12pm PST to get your guesses in.

 We are closing guessing on the current item on Sunday the 16th. Please make sure you tell your friends and family and we will announce this winner and the amount that was in the jar as well as post the new item shortly after.

Hello, and welcome to our new site! (UPDATE)

Thanks for visiting our new site. We have just launched our site and welcome any feedback you have. Read more about how we came up with the idea on the about page. You may register for a new account or login with your Facebook account. Please visit the forums to discuss the site and if you have any questions, comments, feature requests, post them there too. The idea is to start with one item, and the faster we get more guesses, the faster we move onto the next item.
We have over 20 guesses now, in the first few hours... let's go for 100!
*Update 2*

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