Packers win the Superbowl! But what did the jar predict!?

We have finished counting all of the Superbowl Balloons and we have a winner! No one guessed the exact amount, however Josephine A. Cadieux was the closest with 368 with the exact amount being 371 with the winning remark "better have a lot of hot air to blow all these up!". Congratulations Josephine A. Cadieux! I hope you have some family to help blow these all up, or even more fun, fill them up with water!

I guess some of you are wondering, Did the jar know all, about who would win the Super Bowl? The Green Bay Packers won with 196 balloons vs 175 Steelers.

A couple of shout outs to our runner-ups:

circusmangler, 365 , witty remark: here we go : Nice job circusmangler, based on your witty remark the, I am guessing you want to put on a circus made of these balloons.

lejyowers, 388, witty remark: AHHHHH?? : My thinking is at this very moment, you have helium filled balloons floating you into space. You better grab onto something!

Josephine A. Cadieux! be sure to visit your profile page and update your contact information so that we can send you your winnings.

Looking forward to seeing everyones guesses come in for the next item. GOOD LUCK!

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