Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

There is no catch. We had an idea and we think its a fun thing to do and play. Just make your guess and if you are the closest one you win!

How does this site work?

Take a look at the photo, give a guess of how many you think is in the jar, be the closest guess and you win.

What's the point of saying something witty?

What's the fun in just putting a guess in? Think of the witty field as a way to express your guess, say like a sticky note. Everyone can identify with your goofy remark if you win and it makes for a fun sidebar on the homepage.

When does the guessing end / item switch?

Since the site is in Beta we haven't thought that out yet, depending on the visitors and feedback we could pick a winner every week, every month, or even every day. Once the winner is chosen the next item will be displayed. Currently we are doing it every two weeks.

What happens if more then one person guesses the same item?

In the case of a Tie, the person who has the highest rated witty remark wins, in the case of a double tie, the person who guessed closest first wins. If the user doesn't have their information in file within 48 hours of the winning guess, the winnings will go to the next closest guesser.

Can we guess on the same item multiple times?

Although you can technically guess on the same items multiple times, we will disqualify you. However, if you are lucky, we might just use your most recent guess by date and delete the old one.

How do I know you don't want to get my information and just sell it?

The only reason we collect your information is to keep track of you as an individual user to: keep track of your guess, keep your login information on file, mail you your winnings. You can read more about what we use your information for in our privacy policy.

Will there be a mobile version of the site?

We are currently working on a mobile version of the site along with apps for the various platforms. This site works well on all html5 based browsers currently.

Why are parts of the site so buggy?

This site is in beta, and as with most beta sites there will be bugs here and there. If you are a php programmer and want to help out please contact us.

Why don't you list the size and dimensions, 3d views, etc of the items we are guessing on?

We don't want this to be a math contest, we just want it to be a fun simple game. If you gave you that much information all you math majors would be able to calculate the exact amount, what's the fun in that? Just take a look and make a quick guess.

Why isn't there a feature A or feature X?

We are continually working on adding new features, if you have one, please suggest it in the forums.

How can I trust this site, do you have a track record, do I know you?

We have been building sites for many years, some of them you may have heard of,,, Although some of those sites are no longer available, they are sites that have been created by the staff.

I have a question that isn't answered here?

Please visit the forums and post your question there, or contact us (registration required).