About Us

The whole Idea for this website started with handfulls of useless change we never seemed to know what to do with it. Sometimes we'd stick it in the cup holder of the car, or drop it in the bottom of our purse and we'd often find loose change lying in the bottom of the washer or dryer. Well, one day we came across this over sized change jar and thought to ourselves now that is a place worthy of storing our change! We started to wonder how long it would take to fill this monster up? How much could it actually hold? We started collecting change 5 yrs ago, it started to become somewhat of a game to see if we could actually get it filled. We were no longer ignoring our change but embracing it, even the single penny that had been dropped on the ground and left behind was worthy of picking up and adding to our collection.

As the jar began to fill up more and more we began to discuss what should be done with the money once it was all filled up and we began trying to guess how much money was actually in the jar. We always wanted to start a large interactive website, we love games and giving things away, so from this small idea we created a concept where people could guess on random items in a jar. Whomever guesses the exact amount would win the jar and whatever happens to be inside! And here's where the fun is just beginning...guessing what's in the jar doesn't end with jars of jelly beans, M&Ms, gum, chocolate, beads, jewelry, OR buttons...the ideas are endless. We invite you to come up with your own and submit it to the website. Who knows, maybe one day it will be more than just a jar full of coins or candy, but perhaps a car full of chocolate candy bars and you win the car too! We are excited about the prospect of all the possibilities...PLEASE JOIN IN!