• Jar of Jolly Good Ranchers, Are you still there?

    Yes, we are still here, now guess on this to get some free candy!

    I know its been a while, longer then you expected. Don't worry, we are still here... We needed to get all of our ducks in a row. In order to win this next item, you need to be jollier then the jolly green giant. The real question is why are they called Jolly Ranchers? I did some research and couldn't find a definitive answer. Does anyone have any insight to add in the comments below about the history?

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Remark Guess
Jolly Ranchers? Wasn't that "Brokeback Mountain"!!!!! 349
What do you call an happy cowboy? A Jolly Rancher 553
roses are red violets are blue watermelons my favorite cherry is too 321
Something Witty 250
Oh watermelon, the taste of summer, and the best Jolly Rancher flavor ever! By far!! 457
Jolly, jolly, jolly, by golly 210
So jolly for jolly ranchers 510
They are all watermelon? 325
something witty 250
something witty from the funny farm 214


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  • Unfortunately, the reaction to our site, hasn't been as great as we hoped. Therefore, this current item will stay a bit longer, until we can figure out how to generate more interest. If anyone has any ideas or feedback, please let us know via the contact form. Thanks for your continued support and look for an email with the next item.

  • Thanks to all our guessers on the Jar of M&Ms!

    Congratulations skarydrunkguy for being the only person to have the most witty remarks votes (2) and having the correct guess. The total number of M&M packets in the jar was 88. Extra special thanks to the 3 runner up's who also guessed 88: huntjl, imjasonc, coalcracker! skarydrunkguy witty remark was: "$10 says I can put all of the M&Ms in the jar in my mouth at the same time. Probably couldn't chew or swallow though" skarydrunkguy, I think you are going to be oweing us $10 pretty soon, and I don't think we want to see a picture of you attempting this, however a video would be nice!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's guesses come in for the next item. GOOD LUCK!

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